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How Many Games Are There In The Olympics?

  The question on every sports bettor's mind is how many games are there in the Olympics? That's a good question and the answer is simple. The answer depends mostly on who you ask. Most bookmakers will tell you there are no more games to be played and that you just need to forget about trying to win any and all prizes on offer. Some bookmakers have different ideas, though. The number one bookmaker in our poll is Ladbrokes, who has a rather interesting answer. According to them, there are only five games in the entire Olympics Series. They also tell you that the last game of each set of matches will decide which team wins the series. So there will be no incentive to bet heavily on any one team or individual player as that team or individual player will likely lose its last game and end the series. It's a strange way to think about how many games are there in the Olympics but it does make for an interesting debate when it comes to which bookmaker you choose. Some bookmakers